Young on TOP by Billy Boen


Tips nyata dari seorang yang sukses di usia muda.

BAGIAN #1 : Do What Your Love & Love What You Do,  Be Grateful, Healthy Life, Integrity, Dream & Think BIG, Confidence, On Time, Open Mided, Respect, Never Give Up, Just Perform, Be Calm Be “Smart”.

BAGIAN #2 : Speed & Automatic Progress Update Report (APUR), Detail Oriented, The Big Picture, Positive Thinking, Creativity, Bring Solutions Not Problems, Do Not Assume, Learn from Mistakes, Make a Lot of Friends, Fair & Objective, Urgent & Important, Show Leadership, Fight for your Team.

BAGIAN #3 : Extra Mile, Powerfule Instinct, Negotiation, Humor, Nowhere to Hide, Constructive Criticism, Humble, Keep Searching, Share & receive.

BAGIAN #4 : Up to You YOu Do It

mau lebih detail ? Beli buku “Young On TOP New Edition 35 Kunci Sukses di Usia Muda” Karya Billy Boen. Praktekkan, tanpa praktek Anda tidak tau sejauh mana buku ini akan berhasil.

Semoga Indonesia tetap Jaya !!! Merdeka !!!


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